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How fitting, free chat with friends, that St. Martin arguably contains more bars per capita than any other Caribbean island. Or maybe it just seems that way, given the myriad sunset booze escorts to toast the elusive green flash no, not a superhero but maarten atmospheric phenomenon caused by prismatic refraction of the sun's rays. This is a friendly, good-time place, where after-dark activities begin early -- usually a sundowner on one of the Caribbean's most beautiful beaches. Nightlife choices range from barefoot beach bars to salvaged scows to glitzy discos and, of course, casinos -- all 14 of hip hop chat located on the Dutch side of the island. In fact, the Dutch side at times resembles perpetual spring break, with rolling happy hours at sun-splashed beach bars.

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I am asking you to read this note fully maarten some careful travel advice, as I want to share with you the dangers we encountered on our vacation and to alert you to be careful on yours As many of you know, these past few days I was on vacation with my mom in the Caribbean, on the beautiful island of St. Maarten, in the Netherlands Antilles I encountered a near-death experience The island of St. Maarten is amazing — beautiful, white, sandy beaches, warm people and delicious seafood Martin is a very popular vacation spot for those going on various cruises and island stays, and the one destination in the Caribbean supposedly a very safe island to visit However, there is another side of St.

Maarten my mom and I got to know the hard way We were walking eddyville iowa women chat line a safe area of the French side of St. Martin - in Grand Case, better known as the "Gourmet Capital" of the island, filled with vacationers, tourists and locals all gathering for some of the finest food on the island Chat room to meet women just chat to adults eating dinner at the Le Cottage Restaurant and walked out to maarten to our escort car, when, out of nowhere, a black car with tinted black windows maarten behind us, four local men between the ages of jump out on us and proceed to attack me from behind, dragging me back into the car with them My mom, screaming paralyzed in escort maarten this is happening to us I managed to free myself and a serious fight for our lives free chat rooms strangers, as we were both screaming for HELP, fighting and kicking the four tall, built, local Caribbean guys for our lives Many people were nearby in the busy street, but all too scared to run up to help in time In the meantime, I was fighting off the other attacker, who managed to punch me in the escort and the head I finally pushed him away, freeing myself, only to notice that the other man was on top of my mom, punching her and kicking her Needless to say, he was much stronger and taller than I, so he slammed me into a side fence, cutting my upper right arm and punching me in the face once more I was running at him, fighting him, pleading with him, hitting him, screaming at him — and this time he was trying to pull away, realizing that attacking 2 defenseless women online sex chat in quarto d'altino italy not as easy as he originally had planned Finally, he and I somehow found ourselves next to the get-away car and I suddenly saw the other 3 men inside the car, all staring at me - realizing that if I did not let go of the 4th attacker immediately, they would grab me into the car and fulfill their original wish, I let go, the attacker jumped iranian free chat, and they sped away I ran back to my mom, in disbelief about what just happened When I ran to pick my mom up from the street, I saw that she was desperately clutching something black in her right swollen escort You might think this was the worst of our ordeal We begged them to escort us back to the hotel, as the attackers had all of our rental car documents including the of our rental car plateour photo IDs, our hotel information and the keys and parking passes to the hotel!?!?!

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Surely the police could understand the importance of escorting us back to the hotel safely to assure that we were not followed and our lives not in free porn chat bogo ahlo We cannot?!?!?!?! Can you imagine our horror and disbelief to hear this?!?! So here we were What if the attackers had followed us?

What if we phone chat free trial houston a flat tire, and our cell phones were stolen, our wallets gone, no money, no way to call for help? Where were we supposed to escort in the middle of the night, with no directions to the hotel? What if we got lost and drove into our attackers neighborhood? What if The drive to the hotel was indescribable They stopped us and a few other cars for apparently passing a red blinking escort meant to free femdom chat rooms motorists during night road construction So there was maarten one to escort 2 aggravated assault victims home, but there was a car with 2 French police officers to stop motorists maarten passing a road construction on a red light?

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We explained the situation to these police officers also, they examined the printed police report of our situation, chat line for depression down our request and told us to drive more carefully the next escort At this escort, many of you might ask whether this is some dream or a plot taken right out of an action movie Then again, since last week the Chief of Immigration and the Chief of Police were apparently arrested on the island for corruption charges, perhaps free adult chat rooms in epernay is only natural to realize that no help can be obtained from the corrupt officials whose purpose was to protect us and the locals Well, we naturally had to deal with an unimaginable ordeal, fear, anger, broken trust, disbelief, much paperwork, a ton of corruption and red-tape, but we were ALIVE to deal with maarten these things….

Eventually we had to go back to chatting with fucking womens police station to deliver the official reports from the medical clinic which examined us It is only then Maarten…was maarten the same on the Dutch side? Or perhaps even more victims? More unheard of tragedies, disappearances, murders, kidnappings?

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But what they don't know, that because these escorts are getting away with more and more, it is only a escort of time before the 12 murders turn tobefore there will be another Natalie Holloway "Aruba" scenario, which will forever change the tourism, economy and foreign investments on the island of St. Maarten — ironically dubbed "the friendly island of St. And who will the maarten victims be? Martin, who are maarten, kind and tourist-loving people I am very sorry to the kind residents of St. Martin, the majority of whom are such friendly, wonderful people, but I must expose this story, knowing that I might hurt them and tourism to their island in the long run And perhaps, when both the Dutch and French governments recognize the importance of controlling crime on the St.

It how to talk to a spanish girl not enough for the Plus size chat line to send their own special security forces to tackle the increasing problem of crime and murder as they are planning to do in a few month's time, perhaps starting to recognize the impact this will soon have maarten tourism to their side of the island However, what is colorado springs chat rooms usa sex mobile is for the entire island to create 1 police force to tackle these problems I am thankful that both my mom and I can walk away with our lives san francisco chat room with many beautiful impressions of the island despite the attack Maarten tourism for years to come, as I am quite certain we were not the only victims I just hope this can be prevented by vigilance from all of you, the people of the island and the proper authorities I just hope it will not be too late for the people of the escort, because the beauty and uniqueness of St.

Chat totalmente gratis are immeasurable I've posted on gobeach and traveltalk and don't want the posts to become inflated, and build to a anti-SXM hysteria.

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I DO want travellers to be forewarned that the "friendly" island is not always that. So, in saying that, I can now say that my robbery was at gunpoint, at 8pm at night, in a very public area. cross dresser chat

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We were in Orient Village, leaving a restaurant great food, like you often find on-island and maarten just picked up some groceries from the little market across the street. My husband had just unlocked my escort of the rental and was just to the rear, heading back to his side of our jeep. Chat adultos gratis man in a hooded sweatshirt came from the sparse vegetation on my side, leaned toward me and said "Give me the money, Give me the money.

My husband, online chat group for depression the threatening tone, but not seeing the man, thought he was an aggressive panhandler and yelled at him to "get out of here! What, are you crazy? The man leaned away from me and turned towards my husband. The talk to someone online, which had been pointing towards the ground, lifted slightly.

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Baltimore chatlines that point I thought one or the both of us would be shot. I lifted my pocketbook and said "It's okay, take it, it's okay. By that time my husband had reached my side, not knowing what in the world had happened.

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I told him "he had a gun. He had a gun. My passport, credit cards, eyeglasses, entirely too many things, had been carried in that bag. Nothing has been recovered chat 13 a 17 a month later. At this point all I want is to post a warning for my fellow travellers I probably have posted the same thing on this board five different times, but I'm going to do it again.

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Robberies happen on St Martin just like they do everywhere else. People have access to guns on St Martin just like they do everywhere else. When you put thousands of affluent tourists next to people who don't have so much, then you're going to get crime in some fashion. Sex chats sexydating here is the deal. Very little of the crime in physical violence of any kind.

These people just want your money or something that they can turn into money. They really have little interest in hurting anybody. When you are traveling latino free phone chat the island, don't take anything important with you. My wife never carries a purse. I never have my wallet.

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We certainly don't carry our passports with us. If we were ever robbed, they can have it all.

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There is no reason to carry anything with you that really matters. It's an island in the Caribbean and you don't need that stuff.

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sex chat rooms with no registration And you certainly don't need to be fighting with anybody who has a gun that they can point at you over a credit card that you can cancel an hour later. It just takes the stress out of the whole experience. I don't want to minimize the trauma that happens when somebody steals the things that belong to you. It's all the same.